Tuesday, August 10, 2010

oh for the love of shoes!

Whenever I see these shoes I can do nothing but drool! To me they are the epitome of sexy/ romantic. It must be because of my love of all things 40s/50s but these are also reminiscent of the beginning of the 20th century. For now all I can do is dream... but I hope to in the near future give a pair of these a good home.
what is your must have shoe for the fall?
(shoes by steve madden)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

and summer turns to fall

So I know that it is only August 5th, but I just can't help but dream of the fall clothing that I would love to add to my wardrobe. Even though I am no longer in school (well kinda but not enough to justify a back to school splurge). I still love the feeling of September just around the corner... the nights are chilly and the days are warm but cool enough that you can wear your favourite new blazer. I'm on a bit of a shopping ban at the moment but I have been doing lots of online window shopping. For some reason I am loving all the basics. But that's typical me... I love my basics, things that I can wear to the office but that I can also wear on the weekend or for a date. I also love things that can be worn no matter the season or the occasion. Anyways, I digress.... I thought that I'd show you a few of the pieces that I am hoping to add to my fall wardrobe. Warning: nothing to exciting, but don't they all look so comfy?!

Ever since watching Coco avant Chanel I have been searching for a sailor/fisherman style striped top. Love love love!

I realize that these are all items from Gap but I love them for their non-fussy basics. At great prices! And fall seems to be their peak time of year (at least that is what I always find). I have also heard many raves about their jeggings and have been so curious as to whether or not they live up to all the hype.

And now but back to the reality that is 38* (Celsius) heat! I love summer and I love the warmth.... but I equally love fall clothing :)

What are you craving for your fall wardrobe??

disclaimer: my thoughts and my opinions... no one is influencing me by any means.