Saturday, November 27, 2010


I wore this for running errands, Nov 26/10.
Thermal: Old Navy (not in my 30/30)
Flannel Shirt: Old Navy
Jeggings: Hollister
Boots: Uggs (not in my 30/30)

OK so confession time..... I made it until day 18.... but because it has gotten so cold in the last week (and I managed to not include any heavy sweaters in my 30/30) I have broken the cardinal rule of the 30/30... I have worn things that weren't in my 30/30 wardrobe. Please forgive me 30/30 gods.... for I have sinned and even though I am now confessing it, it's not something that I am going to stop doing.

Some how every year I forget how cold it can get here in Canada... yeah, I know... duh it' Canada. I did grow up here so it is something that I should be used to. But I am the type of person that gets cold when the sun goes behind a So in the winter I end up layering 2 to 3 shirts... and I am never not wearing thick wool socks. And when picking out my 30/30 items it didn't even cross my mind that it was going to be during late Nov and early Dec which= oh so cold. So while I am going to try to stick as much as I can to my 30/30 items.... there might be a few extras.
Yay! for Saturday... one of my favourite days :)

Friday, November 26, 2010


(pardon the horrific hair)

I am getting braver with my choices in tight colours..... maroon is probably the most daring that I have ever been.... I thought I'd start my week off creative :)

I wore this to work on monday and to go and get my ring sized, now that it's not as loose I'm not afraid that I am going to lose it. My lovely fiance had it hand made for me.... it's not different, in fact it's very tradional... but that's what I like... and the fact that he went and choose the diamond and then had it made exactly the way I wanted it makes it even more special to me. I'm a lucky girl.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

14/30 (Nov 21/10)

Happy Thanksgiving to anyone in the US, I hope you week is full of family and fun.
This past Sunday was really dreary and rainy... I woke up late and had a son that was in a bit of a mood :( So that called for easy, yet still somewhat cute for church. And boy was this outfit ever easy it consisted of three items: a denim dress, black tights and my brogues.

I love dresses that help make getting dressed in a hurry easy. Maybe that should be my word for the 30/30 Challenge... "easy". As a mom I am always looking for outfits and pieces that are easy (easy to move in, easy to put together, easy to clean etc). And the challenge has helped make it easier to get dressed in the morning. You'd think that it'd make it harder... but lucky for me it's made it easier... why? Because I am not having to think as much about what I am going to wear. Maybe standing and looking at a closet full of clothes makes getting dressed in the morning harder, to many options... to many possibilities??

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Back on the train.... or so I hope. Today was a really chill day... I love days were you don't really do anything inparticular. Some errands and hanging out with my family. I choose to wear a skirt today for two reasons. 1. Because I hadn't worn in since last week and 2. Because all of my pants are in the laundry :/ I've been bit of a lazy bones with doing my laundry this week... which is something that needs to happen more often when you have 30 items of clothing to choose from. Fingers crossed I get them cleaned before
Well that's all for tonight... now to cuddle with my man :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

8/30 and 12/30



Ok so taking pictures of outfits everyday is trickier than I thought that it'd be. This week I have only had the chance to take pictures of my outfits twice. I promise that I have been keeping to my 30 items... but I may not be able to take pictures everyday. I am trying and will continue to try. But photos of every outfit is not something that I can promise. That being said... my creativity is definitely not been here this week. I have had a very busy week... and when I wake up I think "ok what is the fastest thing that I can put on", and then go.
I hope that everyone has had a fantastic week... here's to friday (and the weekend)!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

5/30 and 6/30


Friday is my day off... so it normally calls for relaxed and clothing that is easy to move in. I did some house cleaning and went to the zoo with my son. I also wore this in the evening on my weekly date night with my boyfriend, which included dinner and an evening at an Observatory... it also included said boyfriend getting down on one knee and proposing!!! EEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I'll talk more about that later!
What a night!


So Saturday was a full day, lots of phone calls to friends and family sharing the good news. My son had swimming lessons, my fiance (oh that sounds good!), my son, my parents and I all went on a hike in the afternoon and then we had a fundraiser dinner to go to that night (wasn't able to get photos of that outfit). Like I said a full day! So it called for comfy clothes... for the hike I changed into my hunter wellies... not the greatest hiking boots but I didn't include hiking boots in my 30/30... so ya know... I made do.
All in all it's been a great weekend. Until tomorrow :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

"Remember, Remember lest we forget"


My son has been asking what the Poppies are that everyone has been wearing. So I decided that we'd go to the ceremony at the Cenotaph here in our city. Also there is a new wall of Honour put up... and my grandfathers name is on it (he fought as a fighter pilot in WWII). I hadn't seen it yet... and really wanted too.
This is what I wore. Lucky for us it was a beautiful day out!

If I could live in tights socks and boots, I would! I'll be try to not wear it two days in a row though...hehe. But you know when you have a outfit pictured in your head? That's what happened to me. I just couldn't think of anything else that I wanted to wear more.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Just like putting together outfits... some days it is easier to get "the" pose than on others. Today is one of those days, when the outfit comes together easily but the actual posing does not. I'm not sure how many photos I actually took... but I finally got two... and I think that they happened out of more exasperation than anything else. I love that at my office I can dress the way that I did yesterday but then where this. No one cares... which sometimes is frustrating.
There are days that I dream of wearing a cute pencil skirt and heels... but to wear a pair of heels with a pencil skirt, my coworkers and the clients would wonder where I thought I was going. Maybe one day I'll walk in head held high wearing said heels and not care.

Until tomorrow! Hope your night is wonderful :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Like the pose? Haha... I guess I got bored of waiting for the camera to click :)

This outfit is not very inspired, yes it is true. However, this seems to be my mommy uniform. This works for running errands, cleaning up around the house and going to work for a few hours (I have a very relaxed office). And I felt comfy and cute to boot!

Monday, November 8, 2010


We're off to a good start, well other than the not smiling, wet hair and running a tad late for work... I hope that each day will be this easy. I realize that, that won't be the case though, there will be some days that choosing from my now limited closet will be easy and then I am sure there will be days that I just want to give up. In some strange way those are the days that I am looking forward to. Those will be the days that I learn from and that I will really need to use my creative powers (cause I do have powers... I'd like to think that they are super powers, but alas I'm just a normal human).

I really like this outfit. These items have not been put together before... I think that they are working well as a team here :) It's one for the memory banks.

(awkward pose...hehe)

**30 for 30**

So here we go....

2 t-shirts: (American Eagle and Joe Fresh)
2 tank tops: (Eddie Bower and Gap)

2 long sleeve shirts: (in the middle, Charlotte Russe)
2 3/4 length sleeve shirts: (both Gap)

6 Sweaters/Cardi's: (Cannot live without these, especially here in Canada)
black cardi (oldnavy)
heathered cream grandpa cardi (oldnavy)
shawl collar sweater (UO)
drapy purple sweater (aritzia)
black v neck sweater (Gap)
striped sweater (UO)

4 dresses: cap sleeve dress (H&M)
denim dress (Gap)
purple floral dress (Bootlegger)
green floral dress (UO)

4 bottoms: (yes I know that there are actually only three pictured, but didn't quite get the laundry done): Black skinny pants (UO)
Jeggings (Hollister)
denim skirt (Old Navy)
The jeans that will be added are: dark skinny jeans from (Old Navy)

3 pairs of boots: black wellies (Hunter)
black riding boots (Steve Madden)
brown wedge boots (Steven by Steve Madden)
3 pairs of shoes: black booties (payless)
black oxfords (UO)
black moccasins (Minnetonka)

hmm... am I missing 2 other items?...... laundry strikes again.... there are 2 shirts (and the pair of jeans that I have already mentioned) that are stuck in the never ending abyss that I call my laundry pile. This weekend had been particularly busy so those items have yet to be cleaned... but once they are I will added them. I will have my first outfit up tonight. Oh the suspense! (mmm... not really.... but I did like the way that it sounded..hehe).