Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just the right amount

Here's another piece that I will be transtioning from summer to fall. Who says that Linen is just a spring/summer fabric? And aren't rules made to be broken?? (Well, fashion ones anyway)
(Cardi: Old Navy, Cami: Eddie Bauer, Skirt: thirfted, Shoes: Steve Madden)

This skirt is such a great colour... it's rare to find a true red. I picked this up for $10 at a local thrift store, and have loved wearing it this summer... and will contiune to wear it through the fall... and maybe into the winter....

And like I said in my last post anything summer can be made fall with some tights (and a cardi of course).

Hope that your all having a stellar day!!


  1. You are too cute and I love your blog! I'm following you now. Come check out my giveaway for a $65 gift card!

  2. The red skirt is so cute!!