Thursday, May 12, 2011

Hey Hey Hey, long time no talk (or write, I guess in this case).

So I thought that I'd do something that I like reading on other people's blogs.... slightly unoriginal but hey it's all good :)

So here are my INS and OUTS for this week.

*the bright sunny weather that we have been having the last 3 or 4 days!! Amazing! Spring has taken awhile to come, but fingers crossed it might finally be here.
*getting tons of wedding list items checked off!! Only a few more weeks.
*The nail polish I am currently! It's China Glazes Strawberry Fields.... so bright and sunny feeling.
*black skinny jeans.... so comfy and so cute. Not too dressy but feels more dressy than blue jeans.
*Body Flow and Body Pump (two classes that I take at my local Goodlife)..... so amazing, they have transformed my body. And they are both really enjoyable :)

*it's supposed to rain for the next 5 days :( so sad....
*wedding stress... it's not that bad... but my head feels like it's spinning some times with all the extra little things.... that is where Body flow comes in (it's a combo of yoga, pilates)
*hmmm, I think that's it! YAY! more ins than outs, that's awesome!

Have a stellar Thursday!!

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  1. Hope you have been having more Ins lately... :)

    The Cat Hag