Monday, January 11, 2010

Forgive me for I have sinned.....

Ahhh Please forgive me Project 10 Pan gods...

While in Shoppers Drugmart today (I was there to return a cleasner and to pick up much needed makeup remover wipes). I spoted the new Revlon Foundation and the matching powder. I said to myself "just have a look, it doesn't hurt to test it on the back of your hand".... WRONG... before I knew it I had picked them both up and was walking to the next aisle.... where I found another launch display of the Rimmel The Max Volume Flash mascara.... and something just took over me... lets call her the "if you don't buy it now you'll never find it again" girl. You know this is an addiction when you don't have enough self control to say "it's ok you, can buy it later".

So needless to say I ended up at the checkout and paying for a foundation, the matching powder and a mascara. BOO....

As my penance I will now have to finish 13 products before I can purchase any new products. Slap on the hand... and tsk tsk.

Ok so enough of the self pitying ... and self loathing.

Hope you all have a great day And I hope that if any of you are doing Project 10 Pan that you can beat the feeling of longing and panic over the new products that are coming out. Hang in there..... and wish me luck : S

Happy Monday!

ps. I will do a review on the foundations...


  1. We're all allowed moments of weaknessnesses when such new goodies arrive in store! I'm curious about this foundation as well and was going to check it out today at SDM.


  2. ooo looking forward to your review on this foundation. I hope it's as good as there colourstay foundation - i love that! x

  3. Do you like the Rimmel Mascara? I usually use the Benefit Bad Gal, but I have to get a new one soon. One which makes the lashes a little thicker, they are long enough. Do you have a suggestion?

    I'm looking forward to the Sugerbomb review.

    Have a great week.


  4. LOL what an entertaining read. Don't worry girl, at least you're doing "penance" by doing Project 13 pan now. Enjoy the Revlon and do let us know if it was worth deviating!