Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Just like putting together outfits... some days it is easier to get "the" pose than on others. Today is one of those days, when the outfit comes together easily but the actual posing does not. I'm not sure how many photos I actually took... but I finally got two... and I think that they happened out of more exasperation than anything else. I love that at my office I can dress the way that I did yesterday but then where this. No one cares... which sometimes is frustrating.
There are days that I dream of wearing a cute pencil skirt and heels... but to wear a pair of heels with a pencil skirt, my coworkers and the clients would wonder where I thought I was going. Maybe one day I'll walk in head held high wearing said heels and not care.

Until tomorrow! Hope your night is wonderful :)


  1. Cute! I did the boots/socks/leggings/belted dress/cardi look yesterday too! :)

  2. That outfit is so cute! Very NYC ;-)