Monday, November 8, 2010


We're off to a good start, well other than the not smiling, wet hair and running a tad late for work... I hope that each day will be this easy. I realize that, that won't be the case though, there will be some days that choosing from my now limited closet will be easy and then I am sure there will be days that I just want to give up. In some strange way those are the days that I am looking forward to. Those will be the days that I learn from and that I will really need to use my creative powers (cause I do have powers... I'd like to think that they are super powers, but alas I'm just a normal human).

I really like this outfit. These items have not been put together before... I think that they are working well as a team here :) It's one for the memory banks.

(awkward pose...hehe)

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  1. I love your shirt. I am seriously in love with stripes and will buy anything just because of stripes :O