Friday, November 19, 2010

8/30 and 12/30



Ok so taking pictures of outfits everyday is trickier than I thought that it'd be. This week I have only had the chance to take pictures of my outfits twice. I promise that I have been keeping to my 30 items... but I may not be able to take pictures everyday. I am trying and will continue to try. But photos of every outfit is not something that I can promise. That being said... my creativity is definitely not been here this week. I have had a very busy week... and when I wake up I think "ok what is the fastest thing that I can put on", and then go.
I hope that everyone has had a fantastic week... here's to friday (and the weekend)!


  1. Totally agree, taking outfit pictures can be so hard to get done! I know it seems like a little thing but sometimes it really kicks my butt! Love your outfits.
    Wearing It On My Sleeves

  2. I love 8! My pony never turns out looking so chic, I just look like I had a bad hair day.

  3. Hi, fellow remixer here. The challenge is challenging in ALL sorts of ways isn't it? I give points to all the young moms participating.

    Best of luck on the remaining challenge.