Monday, November 8, 2010

**30 for 30**

So here we go....

2 t-shirts: (American Eagle and Joe Fresh)
2 tank tops: (Eddie Bower and Gap)

2 long sleeve shirts: (in the middle, Charlotte Russe)
2 3/4 length sleeve shirts: (both Gap)

6 Sweaters/Cardi's: (Cannot live without these, especially here in Canada)
black cardi (oldnavy)
heathered cream grandpa cardi (oldnavy)
shawl collar sweater (UO)
drapy purple sweater (aritzia)
black v neck sweater (Gap)
striped sweater (UO)

4 dresses: cap sleeve dress (H&M)
denim dress (Gap)
purple floral dress (Bootlegger)
green floral dress (UO)

4 bottoms: (yes I know that there are actually only three pictured, but didn't quite get the laundry done): Black skinny pants (UO)
Jeggings (Hollister)
denim skirt (Old Navy)
The jeans that will be added are: dark skinny jeans from (Old Navy)

3 pairs of boots: black wellies (Hunter)
black riding boots (Steve Madden)
brown wedge boots (Steven by Steve Madden)
3 pairs of shoes: black booties (payless)
black oxfords (UO)
black moccasins (Minnetonka)

hmm... am I missing 2 other items?...... laundry strikes again.... there are 2 shirts (and the pair of jeans that I have already mentioned) that are stuck in the never ending abyss that I call my laundry pile. This weekend had been particularly busy so those items have yet to be cleaned... but once they are I will added them. I will have my first outfit up tonight. Oh the suspense! (mmm... not really.... but I did like the way that it sounded..hehe).

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