Sunday, November 14, 2010

5/30 and 6/30


Friday is my day off... so it normally calls for relaxed and clothing that is easy to move in. I did some house cleaning and went to the zoo with my son. I also wore this in the evening on my weekly date night with my boyfriend, which included dinner and an evening at an Observatory... it also included said boyfriend getting down on one knee and proposing!!! EEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I'll talk more about that later!
What a night!


So Saturday was a full day, lots of phone calls to friends and family sharing the good news. My son had swimming lessons, my fiance (oh that sounds good!), my son, my parents and I all went on a hike in the afternoon and then we had a fundraiser dinner to go to that night (wasn't able to get photos of that outfit). Like I said a full day! So it called for comfy clothes... for the hike I changed into my hunter wellies... not the greatest hiking boots but I didn't include hiking boots in my 30/30... so ya know... I made do.
All in all it's been a great weekend. Until tomorrow :)


  1. Ummmm CONGRATS!! How exciting! Cute outfits too! :)

  2. CONGRATS! i think i'll always remember what i was wearing when i got engaged. your's is much cuter :)

    love #6...good stuff!

  3. Wow, I was just seeing how the remixing was going, but this is much more exciting! Congrats!
    The Auspicious Life